Probably the hottest in the world! Ford Bronco Raptor!
 2022/07/20 | View:323

At present, the hottest tank 300, to some extent, is very similar to the Ford Bronco in appearance, and the Raptor model, which has attracted much attention, has finally been released.

Using the modification concept of Baja, this Bronco Raptor can be said to be able to walk on the ground in desert, rock and other mixed road conditions.

The price is twice that of ordinary Bronco models. From power to off-road to heat dissipation, it is comprehensively strengthened, with more than 400 horsepower.

It seems that both sportiness and off-road performance are full, coupled with the extremely toy design, this car dares to say that no one will not like it.

The most attractive part of this car is that in addition to upgrading its power and appearance, it also absorbs the concept of Baja off-road vehicle, so that the Bronco Raptor can walk flat on desert and off-road roads.

Ford said that this is the first SUV inspired by the Ultra-4 racing extreme off-road series, which is basically the race with the highest requirements for vehicle off-road performance at present.