The Ford Bronco is changan Ford's best bet for production
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Ford bronco

In the last two years, the explosion of tank 300 once again let the market see the meaning of the existence of hard off-road vehicles -- when the city SUV has been in full roll, can pick up poetry and the off-road vehicle from afar, obviously will be deeply reinforced concrete consumers bring a glimmer of escape from the cage. Even if they just walk on the curb. The Ford Bronco, of course, meets that need.


The history of Ford Bronco can be traced back to the 1960s. In the era of post-war baby boom and the full explosion of World War II elements, Ford Bronco differentiated itself with a more refined image of off-road vehicles, rapid and Jeep's traditional off-road vehicle configuration, especially its removable hard-shell soft-top design. It beats the Jeep CJ with its short-axle convertible in comfort. A generation of classics was born.


The all-new Ford Bronco, the return of the Bronco family after nearly two decades out of production, has been attracting a lot of attention overseas since it was announced. After its official debut, the new Ford Bronco quickly established a car-playing culture in North America, and a number of post-market options began to appear. The newly released Raptor Bronco, in particular, has big 37-inch tires and high performance off-road positioning, which Ford of North America has been playing with.


As a classic off-road vehicle, the new Ford Bronco is no slouch, powered by a 2.3-l EcoBoost and a 2.7-L V6 EcoBoost, with either a seven-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmission. Four-wheel drive system is also divided into two sets, the standard four-wheel drive system for a set of points pen 2.72 time sharing four-wheel drive system, only to provide two drive, four-wheel drive high speed and four-wheel drive low speed three driving modes. And the high four-wheel drive system is to provide a full time four-wheel drive system with a central differential, the division ratio is further improved to 3.06, four-wheel drive selection mode is also in the two-drive, four-wheel drive high speed, four-wheel drive low speed on the basis of an increase in four-wheel drive automatic. The body is available in two door, four door and two sizes, and the roof can be provided in quick release mode. In the car, there is even a multi-functional slide for fixing sports cameras, mobile phones and other equipment, which really brings outdoor play to the extreme.


The Ford Bronco was suddenly out of the loop, and it is no wonder that Ford announced the end of the north American development of the sedan after the Bronco project was approved. This, and the tank 300 is really similar to the place, like in the city SUV circle roll roll, rather than to create a differentiated product to pull out the market leader. Changan Ford, in fact, can also try Bronco card.

Ford bronco Sport

Ford has planned two products for the next generation of the Ford Bronco. One is the classic and pure hardball suv, the Ford Bronco, with a non-bearing body, a detachable roof and a vertical rear-drive platform. The other is the Ford Bronco Sport, a fully off-road makeover of the city SUV. If the Ford Bronco is a return to Ford's off-road heritage, then the Ford Bronco Sport is clearly a mass-market product that lowers the barriers to entry and reaches more consumers.


In terms of platforms, the brand new Ford Bronco Sport and the domestic production of Ford Razoredge shared platform and power system. The cross-engined front-wheel-drive platform configuration makes the Bronco Sport an urban SUV. Unlike the Prius, however, the Bronco Sport has further enhanced all-wheel-drive and suspension travel to emphasize off-road passability. In all honesty, at a time when all the city SUVs are moving too far towards the big-back sports car image, the Ford Bronco Sport suddenly has a tough, boxy look that is really striking. Even more, that's what city SUVs should be -- fun.